How to set up your account with CloudSwipe

In this guide, you'll learn how to set up your account with CloudSwipe.

This guide requires that you have signed up for a CloudSwipe account and signed in to said account.

1. On the profile page, click on the "Setup Wizard" button.

2. You should now be redirected to the page shown below. Click the checkmark for Credit Card, PayPal, or both, then click "Next".

3. In the PayPal phase of the wizard, enter your PayPal information in the 4 boxes, then click "Next". Please make sure to read the note in the screenshot below.

4. Back on the profile page, the PayPal area should show a green checkmark. However, the Stripe area only shows a yellow exclamation mark. Click the currently grey checkmark next to it... 

5. …which should bring up a pop up that asks you if you want to connect or disconnect your stripe account. Click on "Connect" to be redirected to Stripe and accept the terms.

6. Back on the profile page, you should now see three green checkmarks.


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